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Biscuits - Amori's Aunt's Angel Biscuits

Biscuits - Amori's Aunt's Angel Biscuits

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Kitchen Barbarian


Originally posted on this thread - apparently lost in the reformatting of the site.


Prep time10 minutes
Cooking time15 minutes
Total time25 minutes


1 1⁄2 t
active dry yeast
2 c
AP flour
1⁄2 c
cake flour
1 t
2 T
1 1⁄2 t
baking soda
1 2⁄3 c
buttermilk (at room temperature)
1 T
bourbon ((optional))
3 T
vegetable shortening (melted)
1⁄4 c
flour (for patting out)
3 T
clarified butter (to brush on top before serving)


*  In a large bowl whisk all dry ingredients.
*  Measure the buttermilk, add bourbon and Crisco, stir to blend. Add to the bowl with dry
*  With a large spoon, gently stir to moisten dry ingredients 10-12 strokes or so.
*  Cover and rest for 1 hour or refrigerate overnight.
*  Preheat the oven to 425 F. [our oven tends to be super hot I baked mine at 400]
*  Turn the dough onto a well floured surface [1/4C] it will be sticky, use the bench       
   scraper to fold the dough towards the center to absorb some of the flour. Once no
   longer sticky flatten out with one hand to a 1" thickness.
*  Using a 2" cutter [or an empty tomato paste can] cut 12 pieces w/o twisting the mold
    and arrange pieces onto a 9x13 baking sheet. Let rest 15-30 minutes.
*  Bake for 7 minutes then quickly turn the sheet around and bake for additional 8   minutes or until tops are golden brown.
*  Brush with clarified butter and serve.


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This is fairly similar to Granny Clampett's version.  Will give them a go and see what the bourbon really does for them.  She did butter before and after:-)
Happy baking


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. . . on the 'this trread' link look amazing and I have purchased both buttermilk and bourbon to mix this evening. So I thought, if I have to buy a bottle of hooch let's make it a good one -- Maker's Mark!  Then I thought, well with this fine whiskey, I should have a good drink . . .Now it doshn't look like the biscuits are going to get mixshed tonight . . .

Cheers!  Brian

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Kitchen Barbarian

LOL!  Well maybe in the morning - if you can manage to avoid "a little of the hair of the dog that bit you" ...

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Bourbon news very closely, Makers Mark got caught watering down its bourbon!  If anything should be against the law requiring the death penalty or worse, this is it.  I'm guessing it is just Jim Beam in a fancy bottle with a Red wax cap and people do strange things when they see red wax.  Here is a story to prove it.

I was running a diversion desk out of our food DC in Miami.  Strictly speaking I wasn't supposed to be doing this but the huge amounts of profit made te company look the other way and give me their OK.  A diversion desk is when a manufacturer is hung with a bunch of product they can't sell an it is getting close coded so they won't be able to sell it,  Or they just have too much and want to unload it, 

Manufacturers don't want to dump this product in a US or Canadian region market cheap fearing that their customers will expect low prices all the time or that the product ism;t as good as they claim.  So they want to unload it where their customers will never see it or be the wiser.  They would sell their stuff to me cheap knowing that I would unload it for them on the many Carribean Islands that the diversion desk served and the many cruise ships that we delivered to in the port of Miami.    So what does this have to do with red wax? 

Well I was lucky enough to get hold of  some very cheap but extreemly fine, aged, extra sharp, white cheddar cheese from  Cananda called - Black Diamond.   Yes that Black Diamond - wrapped in black wax..  I put it on a couple of boats hitting all the islands and not long after i started getting calls that this stuff would enver sell even at the great price we put on it.  I asked why adn was quickly told that the the Russinas had been d=mping cheese in the carrobean for many years and people had  gotten used to this chesse and it was in demand and it was wrapped in red wax and red wax was now considered premium as a result. 

I had all the cheese brought back to Miami and dunked it red wax, right over the top of black wax and sent it back out and sure enough...... it sold like hot cakes and everyone said it was the best cheese ever to hit the Islands.  Made less of a fortune on it too!

So know your markets and don't mess with them by watering down your bourbon and always coat it in red wax if yoiu can !

I'm thinking a nice red wax seal would look great on your next batard Ski!  And you pro's take note if you want to be selling $10 bread like Chad Robertson does :-)


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. . . I never knew MM was watering their whiskey.  Well it sure is smoother than Beam . . .  I enjoyed your red wax story! Chad really gets $10 per loaf???  Well then a few hundred loaves a day pays for a lot of surfboard wax!

Regards, Brian

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Kitchen Barbarian

Well EVERYBODY waters the whiskey - to bring it down after aging to a mere 80 to 90 proof.  You wouldn't like it at higher proof - it has so much alcohol in it it pretty much kills your taste buds.  Straight, anyway.

The controversy is that they were going to take it down from 90 proof to 84 proof (that's a drop from 45% alcohol to 42%).

I object to that because it amounts to a price increase - just increase the price and have done.  Let's face it, it's a middle of the road whiskey to start with anyway.  They don't even age it for a full 7 years anymore.  Sez the woman who buys whatever is cheapest and prefers margueritas or rum drinks anyway ... LOL!