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NJ/NYC deli style rolls

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NJ/NYC deli style rolls


I have spent my life in NJ/NYC and now am working at a restaurant in VT...we need to figure out how to make those hard rolls you can get with butter at QuickChek...WaWa...A& know the ones? They cost about 50 cents and are so light on the inside and a thin, but crusty outside (not like a traditional german hardroll). They can also be similar to a portugese roll found in the same supermarkets.


Can anyone help? I've baked Kaiser roll after Kaiser roll...tried baking bun dough....tried simple white bread in bun form...nothing is working! I've tried trays of water and high temps to steam out the oven...i just cant do it!

THanks everyone!



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My suggestion is to use a medium enriched vienna-style dough and allow for a longer bulk fermentation to really allow the digestion of a lot of the sugar and starch in the dough, try about 2 to 2.5 hours. Then shape into your rolls allow for a full-proof. For the bake; use a bit of steam, about 450 degrees and bake till colored to your liking.

The longer bulk-fermentation with the medium enriched dough will hopefully help you achieve that thin, crackly crust and lighter crumb.

Currently, at my bakery, I have been having my bakers use a similar method for burger-bun recipe I came up with and they have been coming out nicely from the WFO. I just do not steam them to get a softer crust, but they do though have a nice light crumb from an extended bulk fermentation.

Good luck!