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Artofex PH 8

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Manuela Jaramillo

Artofex PH 8

Hi, I am a bread enthusiast for about 10 years and selling artisan bread for about a year already. I am selling my breads pretty good and want to increase my production, not to become a big baker but for the fun of it which is the most important for me. 

Someone close is offering me a Artofex ph 8 for 2.500 usd. the capacity of this mixer is the right choice for me but I would like to know more about the machine and specification (voltage, power consumption, etc...). It's been very hard to find information about this machine over the internet.

 I would appreciate very much if anyone that owns one or knows about Artofex could comment about this machine. All your comments would be much appreciated (good or bad), before making this purchase.

Thank you very much.

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Pop Artofex into the search function, if you haven't already.  There's much to read there.

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Check out the Bread Bakers Guild of America. Their members include many professional bakers and bakery owners who can probably help you out. They have a members only message board where one can post questions--and usually get responses within a day. 

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Hello and sorry for coming too late here ...I own an antique Artofex PH8 mixer and I also have some original documentation about these machines. Ask me what you want to know and I will try to answer ;-)Regards,