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Pecan Sticky Rolls

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Vicious Babushka

Pecan Sticky Rolls

Made from Beinart's "Artisan Bread Every Day" but substituted apple juice for milk in the dough.

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to totla ruination of thin, healthy eating :-)  Still they look so good!

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and texture of the finished rolls?  That's an idea that had not occurred to me but it sounds as though it has possibilities.


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Vicious Babushka

I would guess that the apple juice makes the dough sweeter, but with the pecan filling and sugar slurry the dough is just overwhelmed!

The rolls were very soft and proofed beautifully.

I am always looking for non-dairy alternatives and apple juice seems like a good substitute for milk in sweet dough. I have tried soy milk but that gave a heavier dough which did not rise well.

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baking seagull

nice idea with apple juice

apples are wonderful

my mom wont let me make chocolate chip cookies with applesauce but she can stick it cause im doin it anyway :)