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Bread taste bitter

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Bread taste bitter

HI all, 

i have tried to bake ciabatta many times. the apperance and the texture look good, however, the taste is awful. there was bitter after taste. Could anyone help me to solve this problem.


thank you in advance 


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A recipe and ingredients would be helpful. Do you use a natural levain, like a sourdough? Fresh or instant yeast? What type of flour? How does your flour taste?

A common cause of a bitter taste is something is rancid-the flour, the oil or butter. Interestingly, sour milk doesn't usually have that effect. I have had flour that is NOT past it's "use by" date but was bitter. It must have been stored in higher temp after being milled and the germ oils went rancid. Bad taste.

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Hi Clazar, 

thank you for the response. I used Jason's Quick Coccorillo Ciabatta Bread and used instant dry yeast. My flour was very new and i bought it from local mill, however, I think your analysis could be right as we had a very hot days here in Holland and the local mill where i bought the flour was very traditional one, thus could be they didnt store the flour in higher temperature after being milled. i also brushed some olive oil on the pan ... could it be the case? 

however, i baked another batch of German bread ( similar like ciabatta, with high hydration as well) and I used the generic flour bought at supermarket and fresh yeast. I turned out very good. 

thanks again for the response 



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Mini Oven

not only the taste of the oil but the salt...

the pan...  the bowl (I got nailed recently with my hands after squeezing lemons, the bitter was on my hands and I transferred it

and any of the containers and spoons used during the process.