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with yogurt

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with yogurt

Thought I would try some thing different yesterday made some bread in the Cuisinart. Used just over a cup of warm water then added a 100g Activia vanilla yogurt, 1 cup flour, the butter, sugar salt and yeast pulsed a couple times, and then enough flour to give me a nice dough, then pulsed a little more, then finished it it on the floured counter.. well the bread came out really really well. it gave me 1 loaf at one pound 2 ounces. and 4 rolls at 2 ounces each..

 has any one else put yogurt in their dough, I expect they have. ......... qahtan  didn,t take a picture,

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in the search box. Lots of Freash Lofians make their own yogurt and use it in bread as well as the whey for bread liquid.  Your recipe sounds like a fine enriched dough perfect for rolls or hamburger buns.

Happy Baking

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I use my homemade yogurt in virtually all the bread I bake. Almost always use it as a substitute in virtually any recipe-bread, muffin, etc.- that calls for milk.

Almost all the fresh milk I buy I make into yogurt, as the yogurt(my homemade) will keep for two to three months. Do this at your own risk.

I also sometimes make my own buttermilk, and I actually would prefer buttermilk, but it seems to be harder to carry the buttermilk cultures forward, indefinitely, like the yogurt does. At least the way my habits are, by freezing samples. Frozen yogurt samples "re-culture" marvelously. My frozen buttermilk samples did not re-culture so well, but I may have not had to good of a starting sample.

ps: All things being equal, yogurt(and buttermilk) seem to give better rises to doughs and batters, than plain milk/water. Alosng with softer, more tender textures.

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you know it shows I am getting old. once upon a time I too made my own own yogurt. It was back in the time I could get fresh milk from a friend that had a few cows...and ofcourse I to used the whey in bread,  how could I have been so stupid to forget those days, Until I was reminded by the last two postings.

\anyway thanks for the reminders, It was good chatting with you...qahtan