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Toastmaster Model 1183

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Toastmaster Model 1183

Hello,  I just recently purchased a Toastmaster Breadmaker Model 1183 and it had no manual.  I have checked every place I can on the web with no luck.  I usually make bread by hand (as well as pasta) and a friend recommended that I get a bread maker and see if I like it.  The maker looks brand new/never used and I need to know how to clean it and if there are any recipes that I could have.  I would appreciate it.  You can email me at


Thank you.

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I lost my password for this site, got it back, in the meantime I e-mailed the manuals to you,  When I figure out how, and re-find the download site I will post it.

 I found them 


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It's now several years' later, but I wanted to thank you for the links!  I recently acquired a Toastmaster Corner Bakery 1183 (and discovered that the machine was far older than I'd thought!), without any documentation.  I'd even tried contacting the company, but have only found an independant part's department. 

Thank you again for these links.  For the record, they both still work!  And if anyone else comes looking, I, too, will be happy to email the PDF documents, should the links cease to exist.