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how to bake bread in pizza ovens

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jennifer e ott

how to bake bread in pizza ovens

we have two deck ovens just installed in our bakery

the intent was to bake bread in them as well but we are having trouble.  the bread is getting very dark on the bottom, burnt, by the time the top has browned and the bread has baked through

how to modify


jennifer ott


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Is it a steel deck or stone?  


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Jennifer,  the stone is very efficient at transferring the heat, so if you are going to use it only to make bread, you will need to turn it down ( to say 450 F ) and give it time for the stones to reach that temp if it is a stone deck.  If you want to make both at the same time,  i would start with the bread on the deck, and 10 or 15 minutes before it is done, take it out and put it on a pizza screen and put it back in - that will decrease the heat to the bottom.  You will have to play with the timing to get it just right. 

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Hi Jennifer,

Do your ovens have different settings for top and bottom heat?   If so, make sure you have turned the bottom heat down.   Settings for baking pizzas and bread are very different.

For hearth bread I bake at 235*C, with a heat setting of 60% or 6 at top, but between 30%/3 and 50%/5 on the bottom source, depending on which make and model of oven I use.   I also turn the heat down to 210*C after 10-15 minutes baking

Best wishes


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In traditional WFOs, the SOP is to fire up, make pizzas, let cool, and bake bread with the residual heat...

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My experience was with a coal fired oven with a stone deck, so ymmv, The oven would be off all night (but with a steel screen covering the opening). In the morning, I would remove the screen, sweep the oven out, add new coal and re-light it, and immediately put the bread in. This way the deck was as cool as it was going to get, but the air was still hot.

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I saw a post once that a oven maker said to just put a layer (1 sheet ) of aluminum foil between the stone and the steel it rests on.  Something about spreading the heat and not transferring it so much.