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Stronger sandwich bread

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Stronger sandwich bread

I have found that my sandwich bread tears and breaks when I eat sandwiches. Has anyone found a better recipe for stronger sandwich bread?

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ingredients and process you use, someone might be able to give you some tips for improving your present bread.


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I have tried the different types of white and wheat bread recipes that came with my bread machine in the recipe book. I have followed the directions exactly.

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Does it break/tear because it's dry and crumbly, or because it's too soft? 

If dry & crumbly, then use more water and knead it more, and incorporate some protein and/or fat (milk, butter, etc). 

If too soft, use a little more water, use less or no protein or fat (milk, butter/oil, etc), knead a little longer, and use a stronger flour (such as bread flour instead of all-purpose flour). 

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Veshta Yoshida

Wetter dough, higher gluten flour, better/more kneading .. all good and sound solutions. Added to the "traditional" list should be using longer bulk rise and folding the dough a couple of times.

My alternative solution to moisture and strength in fortified breads (ie. containing milk, eggs etc.) is to add a dollop of mashed potatoes to the final mix. Easy enough to do with a bit of foresight, just boil a handful extra potatoes one night, mash them with a bit of milk, butter or whatever you normally use and put it in the fridge until needed (within a few days).

Works really well in whole-grain breads as well as rye breads .. my sourdough 75% rye w. mash rolls get the texture of fluffy cake when the sourdough is not in one of its moods :)