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I have allergy to all preservatives.  I could use yeast, I am requesting a recipe for bread using potatoe flour, or combination with spelt. No vinegar I could use olive oil thanks

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Hello Harley12.

Could you please identify which preservatives you are allergic to, and whether you have other food sensitivities, such as gluten?

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All preservatives. I need a recipe using potatoe flour/spelt,or amaranth ( I am unable to locate the latter one) No Wheat/grains

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the two basic preservatives.  If you can tolerate salt then bread is just flour water salt and yeast and all bread made with these ingredients will be fine.  Whole grain breads just take more water.  If you can tolerate sourdough then your bread will taste better and last longer before staling.   If salt is out then you can become a Tuscan since some there don't put salt in bread either, 

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If you can't use wheat, I'm assuming you must have some problem with gluten. You can use the search box at the top right of the page to find gluten free recipes that will work for you. There are several here who either bake gluten free only or have at some time baked gluten free. You should not have to worry about preservatives in your own baking. Just check the labels on the ingredients you buy, to make sure no preservatives are added. In addition to the potatoe flour, spelt, and amaranth, there is also rice flour, almond flour, and others that you can use that don't have any gluten.

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What country are you in?What part of the country?Have you ever made bread? Have you ever baked or have familiarity with how to bake and ingredients? What resources are near you? What ingredients can you have,etc,etc. Much more info is needed before anyone can answer. Bread is flour (of any variety),water,yeast and salt. Oil,milk,flavorings,preservatives or anything else are totally up to you to add, if you are making bread.

If you are wheat allergic then spelt is out. Spelt is an older variety of wheat and even if you don't react the first time you eat it, you will react after that. Many tout the "ancient grains" as an acceptable substitute for wheat-even when they are wheat-so please make sure you get credible information!  Other ancient grains like teff, amaranth, millet or sorghum will work for you as will rice flours (brown or white). Head over to the nearest large grocery store or health food store-there are plenty of non-wheat flours already available and they all have recipes on their bags and websites.The search box is your friend. Same for Google. 

Unfortunately, there is no simple, brief information to give to you about making bread of any kind whether it is a wheat bread or non-wheat based. There is a definite learning curve to making bread. If you need to eat specialty foods NOW, I suggest you start with simple things like homemade pancakes made with appropriate ingredients for you, a trip to the local health food store or organic coop, a local gluten-free bakery (if there is one), and a lot of internet research on all of these topics. Also, if this is a new diagnosis, your doctor may be able to refer you to the dietary department of a local hospital for consultation. You may need to think outside the box-pancakes make great sandwiches!

Good luck.