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A wild hair

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A wild hair

Jeffrey (another poster here at The Fresh Loaf) and I were talking a couple of evenings ago about sourdough starters, bricks we have made, rye breads and a bunch of other bread-related stuff.  One of the things that came up was that neither of us know whether there is anything in the Kansas City area like the St. Paul Bread Club. 

So, for starters, do any of the rest of you who live in the vicinity know of a group of bread lovers/obsessives who meet occasionally in or around KC?

If something of the sort doesn't exist already, would there be enough people interested in belonging to such a group to make an initial meeting worthwhile? 

And, if the answer to the above question is "yes", do you have any suggestions about getting the word out to other interested home bakers and/or professional bakers who aren't part of The Fresh Loaf community?

At this point, this is just a random idea.  I have no idea what such a group might do (other than talk about bread, of course!), how often it might meet, or anything else. 

The floor is now open for discussion.


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I'm in Lawrence and will drive for occasional meetups.  Activities could include sharing what we bake, outings to bakeries, baking get togethers if you have the facilities (the Douglas County Fairgrounds in Lawrence has kitchens in their rentable buildings).  Keep me informed, my username at yahoo dot com if you send out info.

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Mini Oven

Mini Oven

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It aounds like fun any way, and i don't bite much.