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silicone bake ware

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silicone bake ware

just curious, what do you think of the silicone bake ware, no I haven,t seen bread pans, but i mean for cakes ect..


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uhm, that stuff depends a lot on the quality of the single piece. Better avoid cheap stuff and buy well known brands or you'll repent bitterly.


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 I was curious to see if others thought like me,,, that it"s a load of junk....

 One has to be really carefull when using it.....

 Myself I prefer a good quality pan, might cost more but far better......or even antique pans as you can see some of my previous postings, qahtan

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Kitchen Barbarian

I'm with you, no matter how much it costs - it's a load of junk.  It doesn't hold correct form - it will bell out and bulge when filled with batter - and if it comes to you smashed (rolled up, folded, or otherwise "compacted") it will never revert to the shape it's supposed to be.  I was also totally unsuccessful in cleaning it after use.  I hate the stuff. 

Get some Pan Pal pan liners ( carries it) or super parchment (or other similar "reusable parchment" films), cut to size for regular cake or loaf pans or what have you, it's much easier - and the liners can be cleaned easily by wiping with a damp sponge (submerging allows moisture into the center and will cause discoloration).

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When the silicone bake ware first became popular, several years back, I purchased two different pieces, one a narrow loaf pan, and, a bundt-style cake pan. I believe both were made by Kaiser, and I'd found them at Tuesday Morning, one of those 'discount' homegoods type of stores. Those worked beautifully, and I was quite pleased with the ease of depanning, and they cleaned up just fine. After that, I found a couple of Italian-made, and French-made specific pastry forms, like madeleine pans, financier sheets. Those were great, as well.

Like everything else, soon after, the products flooding the shelves of we unlucky consumers, distributed/made by what used to be trustworthy names/companies, were evidently not produced with the attention, nor the proper materials, of the original formulations, and didn't perform well, at all...a close friend splurged on a set from MallWart, and was hugely disappointed. Unless you're getting the very expensive, still, European pieces, it's gonna be manufactured in China, and made from heaven knows what. I don't even know that actual food-safe silicone is included in it's production, and I wouldn't take a chance on using it.

I agree with KB, the reusable 'pan liners' are great, can be cut to whatever size is needed, and work as promised. I've got a couple of packages of those, that I've been using for over 10 years! Or, plain ol' parchment paper, which I'm lucky to have a tonola of on hand.