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Newbie - how to use Tangzhong for fluffier bread

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Newbie - how to use Tangzhong for fluffier bread

I bought a bread machine a couple of months ago, and have been having fun making cinnamon buns, pizza dough, french bread, white bread, cinnamon raisin bread, and more.  Geez, I could have been eating better years ago if I has only known :-)

I found that my cinnamon raisin bread isn't as fluffy as I want it to be... could it be because I am adding 2x the required cinnamon?  In any case, I found a recipe for tangzhong, and thought I would see if that helps my cinnamon raisin bread get fluffy.  The recipe for tangzhong calls for 50g water and 250g flour, resulting in 300g of tangzhong.

I think that I am supposed to replace 5% of my flour with tangzhong.  Therefore, if my recipe calls for 2 3/4 cup bread flour (349 g), I should use only 332 gr flour, and add 17 gr tangzhong.

Question:  It seems that making 300 gr of tangzhong would be enough for almost 20 batches of bread... ***unless I an figuring something wrong***.  Wouldn't it be Ok to make 'micro' batches of tangzhong, to avoid waste?

Question:  Since the 17 gr of tangzhong consists of about 3 gr of water, shouldn't I need to adjust the water in my recipe as well?



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Hi Randy,

Cinnamon is definitely supposed to adversely effect your rise, so, yes, that may be some of your problem.

Regarding the tangzhong: are you sure it is 50g water and 250g flour and not the other way around?  The tangzhong I've used for my Hakkaido Milk Bread is around 50g flour to around 250g liquid.  50g water to 250g flour would be extremely firm.

For a recipe the size you are making (and assuming the proportions are backward), I think I'd make a half recipe of tangzhong and try that for starters.  And, yes, you should reduce the flour and liquid in your final recipe by roughly the same amount you used in the tangzhong.

Good luck!  Let us know how it turned out.

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5:1 is the usual ratio of water to flour. I concur with Floydm-you might have the ratio backwards. It is supposed to be a soft, custardy substance.

I have been know to take a small amount of flour from the flour I measured for the recipe and use the premeasured liquid in the 5:1 ratio to make a tangzhong from those ingredients. Seems to work well.

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Thanks for the replies.  You are absolutely correct, I made a typo and reversed the water and flour when I spoke about tangzhong.  I will give tangzhong a try in my Cinnamon Raisin bread, and let you know how it turns out.


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If the tangzhong doesn't give the results you want you might try increasing your IY when making the cinnamon bread.  Cinnamon slows down fermentation and so, when I add the cinnamon into a dough, I generally increase the IY in the final dough to compensate for the affects of the cinnamon.

Good Luck,