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Sourdough or nothing

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Sourdough or nothing

        I am returning to baking and basics because of health issues. In doing research on the internet as to why I am malnourished when I have access so much I have found that our foods are compromised by irradiation, toxins, Genetic modification and at this point I realize I have just touched the tip of the ice berg. Before yeast we only had sourdough bread cultures, the live culture withstood crossing this continent in wagon trains and just like the hearty people it survived and flourished. What a wonderful heritage we have. When they introduced the instant or quick yeasts developed in laboratories they were able to cut one shift in the bakeries but they did not tell us that when this quick yeast reacted on the starches in the wheat flour it changed it to the exact energy of cancer, and when it reacted to the gluten the end result is that it destroys the villi and causes malabsorbtion of nutrients in the bowel resulting in malnutrition and a myriad of chronic diseases  such as diabetes, auto immune illnesses, cancer and many more. This is not all they did to our bread they substituted bromine for iodine in the bread and the bread flours. The bromine which blocks the absorption of iodine causes thyroid diseases and cancer. ,

    I just love baking and I hope .the members here will help me make  bread and other wheat flour produces that will help me return to good health. Understanding that sourdough products slows the absorption of the whole  meal alleviating some of the stress on the pancreas reducing the fluctuation of the blood sugars for up to six hours, plus it reduces the Glycemic Index of white bread from 100 to 64  what a boast. I have several family members with diabetes and wish to help them as well as not end up there myself. I live in Canada in a rural setting with some acreage, I have a very large organic garden which I share with several family members. I am recuperating from an auto immune disease that almost destroyed both my kidneys and liver.  There is hope thanks to good friends  family and our Creator.  I am looking forward to many more years and wish to thank those who will help in advance.   

 May all our creations bring joy


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Er, do you have any links to reliable, scientific evidence that "when this quick yeast reacted on the starches in the wheat flour it changed it to the exact energy of cancer" (and the bit about villi etc.)? Frankly, and without meaning to be rude, it sounds like an irrational, paranoid rant (I say that as someone who does prefer organic food supplies as well as sourdough).

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While not taking your view to the letter, there is on this site and many others the recipe to make your own starter for bread baking but it consists of taking equal quantities of flour 1/2 cup (start with whole wheat first) and clean water and mix in a clean container and leave in a warmish environment (not hot) for a few days stirring regularly 2-3 X a day with a clean ladel/spoon once the starter starts to activate you can throw half away and add another quantity as you started with leave this for another day or 2 stirring as above repeat the throw away and add again the same amount of flour and water this after a day should give you a starter that will improve with feeding of flour/water once a week and kept in the fridge.  This is a rough quick method but other experts have refined this to a masterpiece do a search and good luck and good health!

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     Thank you for your help I am new to the online thing and am a senior without much internet experience. I have been making bread most of my life but I am new to the sourdough way of making bread. I have had a hard time getting my starter energized to make my bread light and lofty. It is finally quadrupling itself and my bread is receiving the raves that a good healthy bread should. Now I will try something other than white flour. Thanks to people like your self and this and other sights like this I am sure it will be a fun experience.

Happy Baking

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Hello Norma

I wish you long life, health and happiness.  Whole wheat rye flour goes remarkably well as a starter, same method as CED but you can add water at 1.5 times the weight of flour.  Once going well this can be used to start any other type of ferment that you wish by adding to your choice of flour.  You then feed with your new flour and water, probably at equal weights (use weights NOT volume), and after a few feeds the whole rye disappears from the mix because of the dilution.

Good luck.  Where abouts are you in Canada?