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Hallo from Munich..

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Hallo from Munich..

Hello Bakers,

I am Jorge, I'm concurrate in Munich Germany.. I really like baking bread, pizza and some other things. I wish I can support with new ideas and new challenges, specially regarding Vegan Food.

First I have a question, to all those who prepared (because of necesity and the lack of time) with Flour that ist mix already, is there an easy way to make the crust of the bread uniform and perfectly round? I seem to have problems everytime I try it.

PD: Sorry for the spelling, learning german is messing with my English skills.

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Mini Oven

that might get perfectly round crust.  

Welcome to TFL!

Or do you mean shaping dough that has been standing... say... in the refrigerator for a day or more ... getting nice and sticky and airy?  

(touch it as little as possible but tuck under the corners after cutting off dough, or cut ahead of time and shape before chilling.) 


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Thanks for the welcome Mini. Regarding the bread I will try what you're telling me. I will post if I get new results!