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Please help! Wholemeal bread keeps sinking?

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Please help! Wholemeal bread keeps sinking?

Hi all,

Hopefully someone can help me as I am tearing my hair out trying to figure out what is going wrong?

Every single wholemeal loaf I try to make in my breadmaker, sinks on the 3rd rise/bake? I have tried numerous recipes, different flours, less liquid, more liquid, hot, warm & cold water, less yeast etc... all to no avail? They always taste good but they look awful. I have even tried a different breadmaker. 

My white bread is great and looks & tastes really nice so I know that the machines are not faulty? 

Can anyone offer any tips, as surely you must be able to make a decent wholemeal loaf otherwise what's the point off having the function on the machines?

Thanks in advance. 

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you can try adding gluten flour to aids in the guten development. i used to have sinking 100% wholemeal bread too until i learnt the trick to add some gluten flour. normally for my 250g wholemeal flour portion, i will add abt 2 tbsp gluten flour.

check out this link for more info:

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Adding gluten could help, and so could shortening the fermentation time or lowering the temp.  Whole wheat ferments faster than whiter doughs, and it may be that your dough is getting exhausted by the third rise.  If the machine can't do that, you can try reducing yeast in the formula.