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Wheat Grinder - Nutrimill vs Vitamix

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snead hearn

Wheat Grinder - Nutrimill vs Vitamix

I confess to being a lurker - I bake quite a bit, but have my repertoire of recipes so don't comment as much as I should but I will try to be better!

Here's my question: I grind almost all of my own wheat (and other grains, Kamut, teff, quinoa, etc) in my Nutrimill. It works well. It is loud, slow (although I have nothing to compare it to) and makes some dust. 

We recently were given a Vitamix Blender thing. It did not come with the dry container. 

What I wonder is, given my very limited kitchen space - should I sell the Nutrimill and buy the dry container for the Vitamix? Has anyone compared these? I'd love to save a little bit of space, and if I can even break even, I'll be happy.


Will the Vitamix Dry Container grind with any sort of the flexibility I've come to love with the Nutrimill, or should I just suck it up and keep them both?



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I was given a  Vitamix Blender and I used it to grind pea flour and found it was a little coarser than what I got from my kitchen aid flour mill. by using both it sure speeds up my grinding. I do my first grind with the  Vitamix Blender and then use the kitchen aid, it works for me