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History of US retail flour types?

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History of US retail flour types?

This is more geeky than advanced, precisely...

I saw mention somewhere of "bread flour" becoming a category when bread machines showed up, and I think I've read that bread machines exploded onto the scene in the 1980s... So I was wondering what the categories were like before then -- and further back.

It's easy to imagine pastry flour being decidedly more difficult to find than it is today, and supermarkets just having plain flour and cake flour and boxed mixes and bisquick in the depths of the 1950s.

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Here's a link to a 1935 newspaper from Rochester PA in the Google newspaper archive. In market ads, Plain flour is offered, along with Fancy Pastry Flour and Bread flour.
Here are links to the newspaper ads:
Plain Flour
Bread Flour
Fancy Pastry Flour