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Tomorrow I am going to bake some panini for a party I have planned Sunday.  Anyone have a good recipe I have the one from shipton mill (UK) , but would love to see others




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460g      Italian 00 Flour

110g     Organic Semolina

400g     Water

10g       Olive oil

10g       Salt

10g       yeast      

1000g   Total

Mixed everything together on first speed except the salt, rested it for 10 mins then added the salt and mixed on second speed until smooth, turned the speed to 4 until the dough started lifting. I then set aside into an oiled container folded after 45 mins. then left for another 40 minutes gently teased into a rectangular shape and cut the Panini shapes even platted 1 or 2. Final rise 40mins and then into a 200C oven for 20 mins. Pictures to follow