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My bagels flatten after boiling for a couple of minutes. Apparently it's water saturation that's collapsing the bagels. Please advise

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Some say to boil them until they float, but mine float from the get-go. If you're boiling for a minute, turn them over after 30 seconds.

The one time I boiled them longer, they also came out flat.

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once posted that all you want to do is wake them up from their long cold slumber - no more than 30 seconds per side.  I did a test this week to see which ones I liked better 15 seconds a side, 30 seconds a side or 45 seconds a side.  They all came out great but if your bagels are not coming right out out of the fridge like mine then you want to err on the short side.  Here is my post from yesterday

Happy bageling

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Stan, I tried your New York bagel recipe (from your book) last weekend. Best bagels I have ever made. And I have made a lot. My Dad owned a bakery in Miami Beach and I worked for him from the 8th grade til I got out of grad school. Never thought I could make great bagels at home. Your recipe did it. It is nice being able to bake when I feel like it.