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Breadmaker Kneading Blade stuck on the Shaft

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Breadmaker Kneading Blade stuck on the Shaft

I just newly bought a breadmaker, and made my first loaf. It was beautiful and tasteful. 

When the bread was done and I turned the bread pan upside down, the bread easily fell out, and the kneading blades was not coming out with it. I had understood, after reading some posts online, that one of the major challenges with using a breadmaker is how difficult to get the kneading blade out of the bread. Therefore, I was feeling lucky at that moment. However my positive feeling did not stay long, as I realised that I was unable to detach the kneading blade from the shaft at all...

Anyone has experienced the same problem? Shall I just return the product, as I ordered it from Amazon. 

Appreciate your replies!

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Over the years, I've owned about five bread machines. Some seemed to stick more than others. To free up a blade, I would add hot water with a little dish washing detergent, just enough water to cover the blade, and let it soak for a half hour. The soapy water should penetrate around around the stuck shaft, dissolve the baked bread causing it to stick, and it should release the mixing blade.

If the blade is still stuck after soaking, grasp the blade while turning the shaft under the baking basket, wiggle it back and forth while pulling up on the blade. This usually releases it for me.

In the future, coat the shaft with a little cooking oil before putting the mixing blade in place.

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Get one of those thin rubber squares  you use to open a jar and grasp the blade with the square. Pull up, twisting back and forth as you pull.

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Find the service 800 number for the machine.  Call it.  Ask them what to do.  Don't do anything else until you've done that as it may void whatever warrantee the machine might have.  Certainly do tell them the suggestions that have been made to you so that you can hear how they respond.  Only after you discover that they're useless to you should you return it, even to Amazon.

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Thank you very much for your suggestions! 

I just emailed the seller, inquiring about warranty. Once I receive a reply I'll try hot water. I'm happy with the breadmaker by and large.  =) 

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Dear all, Thanks for your replies and suggestions. I soaked the kneading blade and successfully removed it from the shaft!  =)