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I have started the ferment for Hamelmans Ciabatta with stifa biga this evening, so around noon tomorrow I am going to make the dough and carry on with the rest of the instructions. I want to get to the final shaping and retard the dough until 5 am the following day where I will bake them and take into work. Will this work can the dough be retarded at this late stage?



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Looks good, super good.    qahtan

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I've pondered the same idea.  Can I retard my ciabatta at the shape stage.  I fear it but am not sure what the results will be.   My fears is the dough with such high hydration won't hold up.  I'd pull from retarder about 30 minutes before baking so you can stretch the dough with it tearing, or at least that was "my plan".    If you follow through I'll be interested to see your results.

Best of Luck



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In the end I wimped out. I think if I had more time I would retard a during the bulk proving stage and then shape for final proving and baking

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I'm not sure of the answer, but what I do know is that the longer I leave my dough to rest, the less tension that it has... with wet doughs, this can mean that they turn into a puddle!