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Newb from Australia

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Newb from Australia

Hi everyone. 

I've been lurking around for a while, and finally decided to join. 

I'm a first year apprentice baker, with an arts degree and a fascination for birds. 

Hoping to pick up some interesting tips and what not from you all.


Cheers :)

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Hi there Jeddi

welcome to TFL , I too am from Australia, Perth in fact, i am aso interested in Aviculture  and keep parrots and finches, i too was an apprentice baker and have baked at quite a few different bakeries around the state.

i am no longer earning a living from being a baker but still enjoy baking bread , wood fired ovens  old bakeries and their ovens and sourdoughs. If  you double click on someones avatar you can usually find out a little bit more about them if they have filled in their details which can be very helpfull on this site as we have members the world over and it can help if you know where they are from as some problems can be directly related to there location.

i am sure you will enjoy your time here at TFL  and if you are from Perth then perhaps we might even catch up! kindest regards Derek

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Hi, Jeddi

Welclome to TFL! we are glad to share any tips with you.


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Hi Derek,

Unfortunately I'm in Victoria. Otherwise it would've been good to meet you. Thus far my experiences in the baking world haven't been all that great. It seems almost impossible to find a good place to learn. Being an adult apprentice probably doesn't help.


Thanks for the welcome guys :)

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With a little effort, a whole lot of practice, and a lot of reading The Fresh Loaf, you can become as good a baker as you want to be. This place is rich with help for just about any situation you find yourself in with baking. In fact, there are actually some master bakers on here, and even some very experienced bread baking teachers. You should be able to get along nicely, I think.