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bread baking in charcoal BBQ?

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bread baking in charcoal BBQ?


I have made pizza on my Charcoal BBQ and it has come out very well.

What would happen if I put my baking stone on the grill and tried to bake a regular loaf on it?  Would the smoldering charcoal harm my stone, could I maintain the proper heat? 

Any tips would be appreciated.


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Putting your stone on the grill should not be a problem.  The one caveat is that cheaper, lightweigth stones may not handle the intene heat.  Lots of people are doing this and there is a lot of info on the web about it.  For pizza making, both and have lots of info in their forum posts, and I think both sell stones for their very high temp cooker/smokers.

The only problem I have seen is dealing with the high heat and regulating so that bottoms do not over bake.  This would be a concern with breads even more so, I could imagine.  I just recently did a NYNoKnead in a cast dutch oven on the gas grill - came out beautifully.  I did move the pot off the direct heat for the last 15- 20 minutes of the bake.

So, give it a go and report back on results and anthing you learn.


Sorry that I have not posted for a long time.  Super Peel business is heating up and we have been very busy with new manufacturers, working overtime to get pricing under control for retail sales and other resellers.  Expect to see the Super Peel start to POP UP elsewhere later this year!!! 

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The baking and roasting that can be done on a charcoal cooker is second to none if you have the right equipment. Check out this site

There is a link to the forum that is very active and helpful. The ceramic egg shaped cooker can create a very good environment for baking if managed properly. This is a little like the mud oven concept only more refined. With a ceramic Egg you can control the heat very closely in a wide range of temperatures. The forum is full of proud pictures of bakers loaves.


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Mini Oven

If the heat is too intense on the bottom, try making a dome of heavy duty foil inside the lid of the grill (cut out vent holes) to reflect the heat back down to loaf.  --Mini Oven