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grow your own meat

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grow your own meat

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you don't need a lab to grow meat in most housholds and I agree that growing it at home is the only way to go :-)

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This is my Professor's take on it.   It's comprehensive and considered as you would expect from such an expert.

The point is we [especially the US, but UK and Europe too] eat far too much meat.   Growing it in a lab isn't the answer.   Learning to eat more in the way of fruit and veg, and accepting we should just eat less meat is actually the only way to go.

People might not like this, but there really is no other option I'm afraid.   The US consumes resources as if there were 5 planets; not exactly sustainable is it?   UK behaves as if there were 2-3 planets; that doesn't compute either.

But surely we want to eat real food; not something grown in a lab from some dodgy animal source?

Best wishes