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Reusing Commerical Yeast Dough

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Reusing Commerical Yeast Dough

I have resused sourdough - dough as a starter to start a new batch, by just taking a hunk and using it as the starter, instead of the designated sourdough starter.  Has anyone tried doing this with a hunk of commerical yeast dough?

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Check out Farine's blog: Learning Loaf with Old Dough. And pâte fermentée is also "old dough".

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That is an interesting post, however she is still using added yeast.  However, just a "pinch".  I plan on experimenting with it in the next week or two by using a chunk of my bucket bread (Artisan bread in 5 minutes a day recipe), which is premade and kept in the firdge and the dough is picked off and baked as needed.

I do a sour dough version of that same recipe- which works wonderfully to save a hunk to use it to start the next we'll see if it works with the commerical yeast variety.  I can report back here with what happens if you like.  I am still hoping however, that someone might chime in who has already done it.  :-)  

It seems logical doesn't it? It works for sour dough  - why not?   The yeast is still living and active in the dough since it has not been cooked.  I have been comparing it to Biga, but all the recipes I have found, use additional commerical yeast.  The point ot experiment is to extend the commercail yeast to lessen the dependancy on it - if possible, but to do so with a milder dough than a sour dough.

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Sure, you can do it, but the dough will eventually sour, and faster than you might think.