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Chocolate Coffee Buns

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Chocolate Coffee Buns

Hello All!

   I am a student at Johnson & Wales University and am also a cook at Dok's Deli in Providence. I had the day off today so I decided to try out a new bread I've had on my mind. For the past couple of weeks I have been experimenting with steeping various things in the bread water. For example I have done Tobacco (interesting but not very tasty results), Tea, Basil (awesome results!), and Lavender.

  So today I adapted the sweet dough recipe in The Bread Bakers Apprentice to make chocolate coffee buns. I steeped ~2.5oz coffee beans in the milk for ~10mins and strained out the milk before adding it to the mix. I used the French Fold method to mix the dough.

   To shape the buns I made them an oval shape to try and mimic the shape of a coffee bean, sticking a piece of chocolate in the center to further accentuate the coffee bean appearance.

    The final product has a great subtle but still noticable coffee flavor and a super fluffy bread.

Here is the Formula adapted from The Bread Bakers Apprentice

3.25 oz Sugar

0.25 oz Salt

2.75 oz Butter

1.65 oz Egg

16    oz Bread Flour

0.22 oz instant Yeast

9.5 oz Whole Milk

~2.5 oz Caffe Verona Whole coffee Beans

3 oz Semi-Sweet Chocolate


-Boil milk, Take off heat, and steep coffee beans for ~10mins

-Whip Sugar, Salt, and Butter

-Add Egg

-Strain Milk and add along with flour and yeast


-Bulk Ferment ~2hrs

-Fold @ 1hr

-Preshape into rounds and final shape into Ovals

-Proof ~1hr

-Add Chocolate and Egg Wash

-Bake @350 till dark brown.


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The crumb shot is just irresistible... I bet they disappeared very quickly. :)