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newbie from San Diego

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newbie from San Diego

Howdy. I came across the site at lunch while googling from work for recipes. I love cooking and I am also a homebrewer.

I made my first loaves on Sunday as part of my Sopranos Finale Feast. I have a Bread book I picked up at Borders from their dicount rack for a few dollars and it had a recipe for a Prosciutto Loaf. I doubled up the recipe and made one Prosciutto Loaf and one loaf with chunks of Garlic & Asiago Cheese. Both came out pretty darn good. Now I'm hooked on learning more.


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Welcome, xlperro, I know you will love this site - nice people who don't mind answering questions from some of us less experienced bakers. I lived in San Diego for years, in San Carlos and then in the college area. Now I'm old ( or at least older) and find the quiet of Whidbey Island suits me fine. Have fun with the bread baking, A

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I'm a SD native and have been living in the San Carlos neighborhood for the last 4 years!

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I live in San Diego for years... I used to work at Upper Crust Artisan Breads in Mission Valley.  They are pretty good, and Bread & Cie is great.  Once you get to baking more of your own bread, you'll really appreciate that there are some great bakeries in San Diego to refer to as you learn!



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Does that name mean 'big dog'?

I'm in North Park.  This is a good place to learn lots about making bread.


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I live in San Diego too and have yet to try Bread and is on my short list of places to visit but I see their bread in a lot of stores.  I feel like I haven't done my homework everytime I drive by!  I live about 3 miles away.

 SD Baker