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Kitchen Aid Mixer - is Wire Whisk supposed to scrape bottom?

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Kitchen Aid Mixer - is Wire Whisk supposed to scrape bottom?


I just got a used Hobart era Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer (K5SS).  I noticed that the wire whisk scrapes the bottom of the bowl (can hear the noise of it scraping against the bowl), but the flat beater has a mm or two clearance so it does not scrape the bowl.  Should I make an adjustment so the wire whisk does not scrape?  Or is the wire whisk supposed to scrape the bowl a little? If I make an adjustment for more clearance for the wire whisk, wouldn't that make the flat beater a bit too far away from the bowl?


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The whisk should not be scraping the bowl. Which part of the bowl is being scraped? The very bottom or some of the sides as well? I wonder if it's possible to bend the wires slightly to prevent this. The flat beater sounds like it's adjusted well, so I wouldn't make adjustments to the height of the bowl.

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The wire whisk is not supposed to scrape the bowl. There should be a gap of 1 or 2 mm between the whisk and the bowl. To rectify it, you need to adjust the whisk and not the point where you insert the whisk or the beater. There should be a screw on top of the whisk attachment(it's there in my Kenwood attachment) that can be lowered or vice versa. That way only the whisk attachment's height would be adjusted which won't affect the other attachments.

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I found this video on youtube. It looks like it will solve your problem.

I tried to attach the link to this post but it kept saying it couldn't find the file. You should be able to click on the link below to see the video. It looks like a simple adjustment. Good luck


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Stuart Borken

I had the same thing happen.  I called the company.  They had me put a dime in the bowl and turn it on.  They diagnosed the problem that I did not engage the bowl hard enough.  I had to press down very firmly on the back of the bowl.  Now I love it and will be making bagel dough later today so I can do a 12+ hour overnight cold rise in the frig.