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Rye flour in the UK

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Rye flour in the UK

Hello all,

Does anyone happen to know where to get the darkest grade of rye flour, in the UK? England in particular. I can only seem to find one or two brands, and while the packets don't say anything about grade, they look very light to me.


Thanks! :)

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Hi Ava, 100% rye is a brown color similar to whole wheat in color- anything darker that you have seen is usually by adding molasses or syrups.  It can be achieved by natural methods too, see this link:

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the whole wheat flour that I buy is much darker than the whole rye.

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Hi Ava,

Try Bacheldre Watermill Wholegrain Rye Flour.   You can get it on amazon, and it's available in Waitrose, i believe.

Or contact them directly:

There are plenty of others if you don't like this one; Shipton Mill for example.   Or any of the specialist local small mills such as Little Salkeld Watermill all offer stoneground wholemeal ryes.

I'm not aware of any mill that offers a genuine Dark Rye flour here; wholemeal is the best you can hope for.

Best wishes