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Frederic Lalos' Le Pain, L'envers du Decor Book Review

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Frederic Lalos' Le Pain, L'envers du Decor Book Review

Hi everyone, 3 posts by TFL members baking breads from this book finally broke me down to splurge on it.  Here in Asia, shipping from Europe is very expensive and on kitchen wages, its a big decision to make.

Anyway, I scoured the web for a review to justify buying it but could never find one.  So, here is my review which may be of help to others in a similar situation.

This book's cost price is justified by:

  • Same bread, different recipes detailing direct baking, overnight fermentation method and overnight proofing method
  • Start temperature and end mix temperature, different temperatures for different doughs and fermentation/proofing strategy

I have never come across any other book that offers so much in depth detail into making bread in a professional setting. To read a more thorough review, you can follow this link.  I do not gain any compensation for reviewing this book.