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So im going to bake soft pretzels this weekend and these are the ingredients:

1 ½ cups of Water at 110 degrees1 Tbsp of Sugar1 ½ tsp of Salt1 package of Dry Yeast2 Tbsp of melted Butter4 ½ to 5 cups of All Purpose Flour im having problems with the "dry yeast" part. Its my first time baking bread and i was wondering what kind of yeast the recipe calls for since i read theres an Active dry yeast and Instant dry yeast. Also, what i have on hand is Instant Dry Yeast, if the recipe calls for the active dry yeast can i still use the instant? If so, what are the necessary change in measurements, steps, etc. 


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... at Wild Yeast, 0.5 g active dry = 0.4 g instant.

That is, the amount of instant should be 20% less than the amount of active dry.

Analogously, the amount of active dry should be 25% more than the amount of instant.

Take care!

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they say you need re-hydrate ADY with water for 10 minutes before using and IDY you can jut toss it in with the dry ingredients.  My personal experience says you don't have to re-hydrate the ADY either but why tempt the bread gods to strike dead your bread over 10 minutes:-)

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Think about the answer dabrownman gave. Active Dry is supposed to be 'proofed' in water before adding to recipe. Instant Dry is added to the dry ingredients. Which of those two actions does your recipe tell you to do? Also, the water temperature is usually much higher with IDY, because, the other dry ingredients buffer it, while ADY gets the full heat of the water, so it must be lower temp. Using that to find your recipe's yeast requirement, convert, if needed, using the advice bruneski copied from Susan at Wild Yeast.