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Bread Machine just makes ugly looking loaf

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Bread Machine just makes ugly looking loaf

I have always baked in an oven but was given a Zorijushii (sp) machine. It is for junior loaves. The tops always are ugly as they are never smooth. I use the recipes in the book. Also the bread is just not browned enough. Is this typical of bread machines. I sell my breads at a local market and just do not want to sell these that are not presentable.

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Laura T.

I find that my breadmaker gives similar results. Can you just make the dough in the breadmaker (mine has a dough setting) then turn out, shape and bake in the oven? Or is time an issue? Mine also has different 'brown-ness' settings.

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I can only do dough but I have a KA Artisan mixer for that. I think I have figured out that my machine is not heating was given to me after setting up for a long time. I am just dumping it as she told me if I could not get it to work out for me to just dump it...that sounded like she knew it might now be working right.

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I've baked using a regular 9 x 5 inch loaf pan in my Zojirushi Virtuoso. The loaf is kneaded in the regular bread machine pan. The bread machine pan is removed. The dough is formed into a loaf and placed in a the regular 9 x 5 inch loaf pan. The regular loaf pan is placed in the bottom of the empty Zo to rise and then baked with a manual bake cycle. There is about 1 inch of clearance on all sides of the loaf pan in the Zo.

The loaf comes out just like any baked in a regular oven and it doesn't heat up my house in the summer.

Here's a link to how I did it:

Using a Regular Loaf Pan in a Zojirushi Bread Machine