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Suggestions for Cutting Boards?

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Royal Street Veranda

Suggestions for Cutting Boards?

Hi everyone!


I'm currently a college student who is trying to get into the wonderful realm of bread making. That being said, one thing has come up that I've been having a little trouble with. I seem to notice that most (if not all) bread forming posts/videos I view mention the utilization of some kind of cutting board, butcher block, or stone surface to help shape the dough. It looks to me as if this process requires a fairly large amount of space and so I've been trying to look into buying a large cutting board or surface to use for the shaping. 

Should I be looking for a large board like this? Is that a good move? Am I overthinking something here? Any suggestions would be positively accepted!

Btw, a cheaper surface would be ok with me so long as it doesn't devastate overall performance? I'm hoping this won't be my last surface and that I might be able to invest in a better one sometime when I'm out of college.

Thank you FL!

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While a wooden surface works best for shaping, you can very the same rescountertop plain old countertop; I did this for a long time. 

If I had limited funds and wanted to splurge, I'd buy a stone, or maybe a Dutch oven. The stone is more versatile. 

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Formica, stainless steel, wood, stone....they all work.  So does doing all the mixing and kneading in a large bowl.  Each is a bit different but they all can and do produce fine bread.   Use what you have and worry not.


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When I first started baking bread, in the tiny kitchen I had then, I used my kitchen table to knead and shape my bread. Today I use my clean counter top. 

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I shape my freeform loaves in the air, over an old baking sheet that has been used so many times that it is covered with black seasoning, like a cast iron pan. Put a little oil on the pan, cut the retarded bread dough in half, pick up one dough ball, and keep pulling and stretching until I have a tight gluten sheath over the ball. I stretch it out into a batarde and put it down on the baking sheet, where it rises.  Repeat. Rise, slash, bake. 

I knead with the dough hook on my Kitchenaid, stretch and fold over the oiled Kitchenaid mixing bowl. Never any flat surface to clean :)