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Changes are afoot

Changes are afoot

Some fairly major site changes today:

* The front page look and feel has been tweaked considerably. I think it'll let me fit more information on the front page, but it does make it harder to find articles without using search or the nav.

* I added a Baker's Blog section. I found that often after I baked I wanted to record information about it. When there was nothing exciting to tell people a featured article or forum post did not seem appropriate, but a blog entry seemed just about right.

Registered users can apply for a baker's blog by filling out this form. An admin will approve it and you'll be good to go if you want to blog your own baking here.

Please be patient if you run into any problems. I'm just setting this section up, so I've got a bit to learn. The guys who developed it are from Japan, so some of the error messages you may run into may not quite make sense. Overall it seems like a nice package though.

* Comments on news articles require you to be logged in now. We were getting too much spam (comments that we had to delete).

* I've added a "Remember Me" checkbox, so now you shouldn't have to log in every time you visit the site. I think, like GMail, it'll remember your log in for 2 weeks now.

That's it. Please let me know what you think of these changes. The site is still maturing (only 3 months old), so I'm trying to get a sense of what works for people and what does not. Feedback is appreciated.


crumbbum's picture

I'm being patient. I mean I'm not being impatient.

I do still have to disable norton here to be able to post, even after logging in. is it possibly connected with the google ads tracking?

you may not know this yet, or may not have set it up yet, either, but I see on your blog post the rss logo. will I be able to add these blogs to my LJ friendlist?

Floydm's picture

Google shouldn't cause any problems. The pages load fine even when the Google adserver is down.

I haven't tried creating an LJ user for these feeds yet. It is a different version of RSS (1.0, I think). that I'm not certain LJ understands. And I was trying to figure out what people would want: a shared feed of all the bread blogs or individual feeds?

dstroy's picture

well..I created an RSS feed for just your blog as a test (floydmbreadblog in LJ) - the feed validator seems to accept it just fine - we'll have to see if LJ updates it correctly but I imagine it will.

It would be nice to have an option to have an all blogs feed in addition to individual feeds though, so that one could see whenever any new update is made by anyone, including new blogs created.

Floydm's picture

There is a shared feed.

Individual feeds are just the same URL with param=blogid tacked on. I'm blogid 1, crumbbum is 3. 2 was the test one we deleted.