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Good morning

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Good morning

Morning from Virginia !

I have to say, I just love this Website, it is so helpful and informative. I consider myself a novice bread maker, but being weaned on the stuff as a baby, bread is my choice of addiction ..... : )

Thanks to all of you that share my love for bread, your help, advice, suggestions, patience and understanding of those of us that are just getting our feet wet with the making of such a wonderful product.  I will probably be picking your brains a time or two, I'm sure of that.


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Hi Linda

i am a novice baker and new to The Fresh Loaf, but I really enjoy and love spending time here too. People are so nice and lots of tips and interesting techniques and some wonderful, wonderful breads. It is both inspiring and fun to see the different creations that appear.

I am even starting a blog, which I have never done before simply because bread making is so fun

Have a nice day and see you around