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Boiled/Steamed GF or alternative flour breads

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Boiled/Steamed GF or alternative flour breads

Since I am horribly addicted to boiled breads, particularly pretzels and bagels, I have been on the lookout for unique and interesting other types of boiled breads. 

I have recently also become more and more gluten-free, and have been experimenting with various GF flours.

I tried making some GF bagels which came out decent, I ate them, but they did not satisfy my bagel craving at all. 

So, I am wondering if anyone has experimented with alternative flours in boiled breads, or steamed buns, or similar types of things. 

Buckwheat?  Sorghum?  Rice flour?  Oats? Etc.



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Laura T.

Hi :) I'm a gf baker and tried bagels a couple of months back. I didn't have a great deal of success but I just came up with a new flour ratio for gf baking and you've reminded me I must try bagels with it! I've posted my flour blend recipe on my blog if you're interested. Have you had much experience in gf baking? Which flour did you use?