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Kitchenaid k45 - hobard

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Kitchenaid k45 - hobard

I recently inherited this awesome stand mixer. I figure its at least 35 years old. The other day, using it for the first time to make some bread, I turned it on and speeds 1-10 all ran at max speed.  I've been looking for a service manual, and any tips on how to fix this issue. Read on another forum, that adjusting some screws on the back could help - tried it to no avail. I'm hopeful that someone on these forums can point me in the right direction, and possibly provide a service manual?  Hope I can salvage it. Thanks!!

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It is most definitely salvageable.  This is a common failure and as I remember (I could be wrong), it is a capacitor that fails.  Keep digging on the internet or wait for someone here to give you a more definitive answer.  Your issue is common and readily fixable.


Yahoo groups has a group called WACEM  (we actually collect electric mixers), they can answer your question and steer you to the solution.

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I'm not sure how many are left these days, but why not try a repair store? They can probably change out the bad part same day, and have you on your way.