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Jun 22 bake day

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Jun 22 bake day

It was a bake day here today.  I made a Hamelman "baguette with poolish" recipe today. I'm still trying to improve my baguette (with some inspiration from Fendu Bouldangerie (, who makes an amazing light baguette that frustrates me every time I eat it :).  I'm cooking in a home oven and using an undersized pizza peel, so I usually make four 250gram short baguettes from my 1kg recipe.  Today instead I decided to make two 250gram short baguettes and one 500gram batard (my first!). I also am using filtered tap water that has sat out a bit to combat the chlorine with a small splash of lemon juice added to bring the ph down to something a little more reasonable (the water is very hard here). I think the baguettes overcooked just ever so slightly, but everything turned out delicious and my only real complaint is the scoring -- I thought I did a reasonable job, but only one of the baguettes got any real ear on it.  I did get a great rise and a great oven spring, and in my opinion the crumb turned out beautifully.  Half of the bread is gone now and it has the delicious flavor of a well developed poolish bread that has had a good amount of time to ferment.



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Tim,  I just got his book recently. and tried Baguette with Poolish and really enjoyed it.