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Map and Share your Sourdough Starter

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Map and Share your Sourdough Starter

We think it is in the nature of sourdough to share. So we created a form and a map on our website,  so that people can map their sourdough starters and share them with anyone who lives near them and wants to start baking with sourdough.

Map your starter, spread the sour dough goodness!




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Mapped Mine! - South Coast UK

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Threw mine in as well; Portsmouth. :)

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On the map! from Long Island NY

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Columbus, OH

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As I see, my SD is pinned already in Bar Harbor, ME (I did it earlier on facebook)
I think it is a good idea.


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Hello, nice project! We have something like this also. PečemPecen (something like "We bake bread") started in the Czech Republic at the end of last year, but today we have about 1000 pins. Feel free to join us;)