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Savory Fit


Hey. New to the freshloaf and new to bread crafting as well. I'm in Encinitas, California and my interest is primarily higher protein, whole-grain bread. Baking whole grain bread is slaughtering me. I have baked several loaves over the last 3 months but have not been able to close the deal quite like the vision has in mind. 

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Hi SF, I've been baking for nearly a year, so I'm still very much a newbie by comparrison with the big kids here.

I'm still struggling to create the bread porn that you see on The Fresh Loaf, but occasionally I get a glimmer of hope!

What's not going right for you? There will be someone here who knows how to make it better.


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As Mat said, what are the difficulties you are facing with making whole grain breads? Could you post a picture of your bread, sliced if possible.

Wishing you all the best,


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Savory Fit

Sorry for the delay and thanks for the response. The problems that I was having seem to be getting better. I'm finding success with the right balance of yeast and gluten. I was getting loafs that were not rising fully as I wanted them. I think that the dough was being weighted down by adding too much extra IE..oat bran, hemp seed, amaranth etc. Not really sure. I just know I've been getting closer. The goal is a sandwich bread size loaf of 100% whole grain, that is high-protein with a moderate fluff and pretty solid density. I dont like the real fluffy bread, but I also don't like the dense block-like loafs that bareley clear the height of the bread pan. I have no picture at the moment.