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Looking for a good wall oven

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Looking for a good wall oven

Does anyone have any experience baking mainly patisserie in wall ovens? Miele and bertazzoni are looking good to me -design wise, but would love to hear if anyone has had experience with these or others they like/love or dislike. Many thanks. Devin

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I had Thermador wall ovens and found them to be very, very good. I baked croissants, puff pastry, tarts, etc. all with excellent results. 

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Sjadadi is right.  Thermador is very reliable.  Two houses ago I had one and loved it. It had a "true" thermastat, produced consistent results, and had  the best self-cleaning mechanism I've ever used.  It was even better than a Jenn-Air that I had later.

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double wall oven and I'm crazy about it. I do a LOT of baking and have never been disappointed: convection top and bottom and more preprogrammed functions (including a Proof setting at 100F/39C) than any reasonable person could ever need.

Stan Ginsberg

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I've had my Fisher Paykel wall oven for almost 9 years.  It's been the only appliance that I've had multiple problems with.  The board has been burned out twice, the clock had to be replaced, and most recently the convection function stopped working.  My repair man and I are on a first name basis as he tried to fix the oven many times during a 3 month period.  He is the only authorized service person and my oven was his first.  Last year's fiasco was due to a lightbulb change that shorted out the whole system.  Almost $1000 repair, I had ongoing negotiations with F & P to get only a small part of the repair covered.  Now I'm faced with a $250 repair.  I'm in the market for a new one.  And for those of you who are looking... beware the brand.