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Bread machine

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Bread machine



I've been looking a long time for this, so maybe on this specialized forum someone can shed some light:

- I've baked in a normal bread machine, one with a Teflon layer. The problem here is that if I bake wholegrain, it is likely that the Teflon gets damaged by the grains sticking out (I've had it already several times).

- As Teflon is a very bad product to eat, I've looking for a cast iron/metal bread machine.


Does these exist? And if so, where could I find them?




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About a european model breadmaker with a pan without a nonstick coating - try typing nonstick breadmaker into the search bar?   I think at the time it wasn't available in North America. 

I looked into this because I'm not a fan of nonstick coatings either.   Didn't have much luck. 

I must say, whatever coating Zojirushi uses (not sure I want to know, really) has been excellent.  I've been making whole grain breads with cracked wheat, cracked rye, seeds, nuts, you name it 2-3 times a week for 7 months now and not a ding in the nonstick coating.  I only wash it with a soft cloth after a brief soak with hot water, no scrubbing has been necessary. 

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It was a German company, BEEM - they make or made a breadmaker with a ceramic nonstick pan. 

Enter BEEM in the search function and you will find references.