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My "first" bread

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My "first" bread

Just like to post this bread I made today using the techniques I learned from the lessons and various comments on the site. Used a 2hr autolyze, the "French fold" method for kneading, 3 foldings during the fermentation, and just a steel tray in the oven with a bunch of ice cubes for steam.

Looks great, tastes even better. 


-edit- Forgot to post the photo

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yay! Looks great! Hope with such success, you'll keep "adventuring" into the world of baking :)

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Very nice!

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how a little knowledge gleaned from the Internet along with some flour, water salt and yeast can make a dangerous, if tasty, combination.  The danger lies in  getting hooked on bread making and making your own all the time:-)

Happy baking,

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I have no worries about that for myself. My girlfriend however is allergic to gluten so I need to learn some gluten free recipes for her.

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Fedak, great loaf, sorry to hear about your lady though.  Can't imagine what I'd do if I was a Celiac.

We made a great gluten-free pizza dough at my last job (recipe came from culinary school).  Very easy:

This is the original recipe, but you'll want to scale it down to make less.

37oz each of Tapioca starch, rice flour and chickpea flour.  2.5oz of salt, .5oz instant yeast, 3qts of water.  

Mix until all ingredients are just incorporated.  Bulk ferment for about an hour until it's nice and bubbly.  What we did was ladle it onto greased and floured (we used rice) cake pans about 1/2in thick.  Bake for about 10min until just a touch of color has developed.  This is essentially a par bake.  Top like normal and bake your pizza.  The dough is more like a batter, similar to pancake batter in consistency so don't be afraid if it looks super wet.  

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le boulonger86

Well done Fedak, looks good, keep at it you will find it great fun and tasty too :)