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WTB Electrolux/Magic Mill mixer

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WTB Electrolux/Magic Mill mixer

I like many others am looking to purchase a used Electrolux mixer.  Not very picky about the model if the deal is right.  I actually have an old N10 but the base is broken beyond use and I can't find a replacement part.  So if you have an old n10 that the motor has died I'd even be interested in just the bottom :).  Or a used mixer that is missing the bowl would be fine, since I already have one. 


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Kitchen Barbarian

BabyBaker, this may not be cheap enough for you - but Pleasant Hill Grain is currently selling off the previous model Electrolux/Magic Mill/DLX/Assistent/Ankarsrum mixers for $100 off (brand new, plus an extra plastic bowl) - I think that's $600. 

No changes but cosmetic to the "new" mixers - they've changed distributors (again, which explains the multitude of names this has been marketed under) and the new distributor is just going to market it under it's REAL name, which is Ankarsrum.