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My first blog

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My first blog

While I move ovens around and getting a bit of withdrawl from baking I have decided to start a blog. Today was sourdough maintenance day. I have three sourdoughs on the go, first is an organic dark rye which I sweated over to start a year ago; a white sourdough which originally came from the rye one and I switched to french 55 flour to turn it white and T55 which I was given from clive at Shipton Mill UK. (at the time I was struggling to convert the rye to white and I called for advice. So he kindle sent me this) As an after thought I weighed what I normally throw away. To my horror it was 290g!

So here I have a mixture of all three. I used the 1,2,3 sourdough technique

290g starter

580g water

put them in the mixer and gave a quick whisk

870g of white french 55 flour

2.5% salt (Bakers percentages based on the flour being 100%)

and just for giggles 25% 5 grains

I left them on the window sill for 8 hrs

I then did a spot of stretching and folding and poped it into a pullman tin This tin is big it takes 2 kg of dough

I am now waiting to pop it in the oven. I will post the results later

so here is the finished loaf

and the crimb shot, wish it was more open, I think it could have used a little longer in the oven tough

Still not bad considering it was from something I was going to throw out



(still not sure wether I like the taste of sourdough. But I am perservering)


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endeavoring to preserver will be enough ..... even though the American Indians didn't do well by this method!

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A complex blend of starters plus 25% grain mix sounds like it must have been delicious!

Not fond of sourdough?  I thought so, too, when I first started baking SD.  But then I learned how to control the flavor and am now able to produce SD bread that is pleasing.  Hope your journey will also be successful :) 

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I didnt think about the complexity of the starters, I just assumed it would be fine. The bread had a mild sourdough taste and the nutty grains was a good addition.