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Kneading- help!

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Kneading- help!

So I have been baking bread successfully using the no-knead method, where you apply folds (3-4 depending on recipe) but when it comes to actually kneading the dough in other recipes, I am lost. I do all of my measuring by weight, so I don't feel that I have too much of anything, and i autolyse, but after kneading for a short while, say 7 minutes, my dough is very dense, springy, and hard to actually knead. And it doesn't pass the windowpane test. Any suggestions? Thanks

- Elaine

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Let it rest for 10 minutes then test it.   This will let the dough relax and you probably can stretch it to the thin membrane.  I don't bother with the test when I make bread.  I think you may have too much flour, if the dough is very dense and hard to knead.


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The weight of water should be 65% or more of the total weight of the flour and that seems to work well.