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Hello and thanks

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Bread Killer

Hello and thanks

Well, I've never joined a forum like this before but I have been reading TFL for about a month now And must stay the information and spirit is amazing. Reading the blog has helped me decide to purchase my new DLX mixer. With info from this site and "Ingrid" (I've named my DLX) I have been consistently making the best bread of my life.

Why bread killer? My husband loves bread and suggests all the baking is a plot to murder him with calories. Mwahahaha.

I'm far from a new baker but also far from the experts and bread heads on this site. I love learning and trying new things and the science of baking.

So, thanks for the great info. Keep it coming!

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This is a great site with members of differing skills from novice to professional and including some serious "breadheads" but the site is all the richer for that diversity.  There is help and advice available for just about any bread-related problem you come across except for one - bread baking addiction.

Enjoy the site and Happy Baking.