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Using different flours for Pita bread recipe

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Using different flours for Pita bread recipe

I've been baking Pita bread since I was 12 yrs. old (with help of course). I always used white flour. Recently, i began substituting part of the white with whole wheat and it's great!! I tried making it with 100% whole wheat and it's no good. I would like to try the recipe with other flours but since I am still a novice baker I do not know much about other types of flour and what will work and what won't. I saw some of the comments/post on the Pita bread recipe about using other flours but I would like more information. Anybody please? Thanks so much! 

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Whole wheat flour absorbs more water than regular white flour, and requires more kneading due to the bran/fiber. Try adding more water to the recipe as you increase the amount of wholewheat, and knead for longer period, making sure to rest the dough for 5 minute intervals during your kneading. You have to aim for a dough that is slightly soft (tacky, but not sticky)