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@ Floyd, using new TFL format

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@ Floyd, using new TFL format

Hi Floyd

Was using Nexus 7 last night when I queried how to report spam & the like. Checking today on  Macbook OS X, Safari, Firefox & Chrome, the 'report' link was indeed present. However on the Nexus on both Firefox & Chrome there is no such link. If I want to report something, I'll use the laptop.

Find the contrast somewhat better on the Nexus for scanning 'recent comments' which for me 'til now has been  the best way to enjoy TFL. Unfortunately there is no contrast adjustment on my macbook, but I have cut back brightness in an attempt to make the pale font a bit more legible. Still wondering why pale font is in use....... surely not a fashion thing.

Checking out the various browers, was curious to note that the adjustment you made to contrast in the 'recent comments' section in response to Mini O's request only shows up after logging into the site regardless of browser or hardware.

The other thing I discovered was that with Firefox there is more information showing, so slightly less of the white space which has also made scanning 'recent comments' hard for me.

Regards, Robyn





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Duly noted.  I am travelling this week so don't have a lot of time to make changes or respond in great depth to all of these but, yes, smaller screens have less real estate, so choices have to be made about what shows up and what doesn't there.  The report button was one thing I dropped out in mobile because, ATM, not a lot of folks are logged in and posting or reporting spam on those devices.  That is beginning to change.

Pale fonts are used to make scanning other things easier.  Look at Gmail, Facebook, most any web app you've used in the past 5 years and if you are looking for it you'll notice it is actually really common to have grey type on a grey background and other similar tricks to make the less critical, supplimentary information text on the page fade a bit which by contrast makes the important information pop more.  The trick is figuring out correctly what is critical and what is supplementary correctly, so one thing I'm learning is that username is *not* considered supplementary to many regulars who scan the Recent Comments page frequently to see who is talking.  I agree and have been hoping to use more thumbnail images of folks to identify who is speaking since screen names are a bit difficult to align because they vary from 4 characters to 25 characters, but a lot of folks still haven't picked a profile image, which makes it tough to make that transition (hint hint! ;) It doesn't have to be you, it can be a loaf of bread, a flower, whatever.  Just something to represent you and make it easy to distinguish when you are the poster).      

Finally, screen names are links when logged in, not links when not.  The color change was made to links, so when you are logged out and the screen names are not links, the higher contrast to the names isn't there.  

Gotta run,



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Thanks for your explanations Floyd, was really only passing on my observations, though more eyes than mine will be pleased if the the colours are darkened. I get the point about lighter colours for lower priority zones; maybe everything needs to go up a touch, so that the palest lettering becomes legible without straining. All in good time, the site is wonderful on so many levels, and I know you are working on the fine tuning as time allows.

Meantime you have successfully nudged me to upload an avatar photo. It is a photo of a Toutouwai, a New Zealand Robin, taken by Herb Christophers of the New Zealand Department of Conservation and used with his permission. In fact this is the South Island species, I too was born in the South Island.

Safe travels

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for the date and time,  Just bold it up like the user name under the photo.  Also the headlines of Home, Forums and Off Topic on thsi page are way too light too.

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I know most don't have a problem with the colors, but a few, like me have vision problems.  Good contrast is the difference between reading or not.  I know... copy and paste and change the font/color, but that is really time consuming.

I read the new stuff every day.  Great diverse group.  Lots to learn here and many very qualified teachers!

Thanks, John O.

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is when surfing the site via mobile (HTC Incredible, i.e. small screen) is the little twitter,facebook,pinterest box on the left side that follows as I scrolll vertically. Is there anyway at all I can remove it or freeze it to one section of the page i'm on ? I find it very difficult to read anything as I have a very small space at the top of the page and can only squeeze in one line at a time, lol.

Keep in mind I'm a loyal follower so I don't let it stop me from surfing the site I have grown to love and check several times a day, but , it sure would be nice to have that little bugger removed or pasted somewhere stationery :)

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I'm on an HTC Incredible too this week.

That is interesting, those boxes are supposed to be totally hidden in the smaller screen resolutions.  On the Incredible seeing them gone some times, but reappear at other times.  That is what you see too?  I'll take a look at it when I have a chance and see what I can do.


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do several odd things at different times. Sometimes it blinks in a transparent fashion allowing me to briefly view what it's blocking, while other times it's a solid bar that remains affixed to the left side of the screen. As I type this on my home desktop the floating bar in question is not even on my screen,lol.

It's like a little wondering ghost :)

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Mini Oven

Is Testament To The Reading Difficulty.  Notice how so many forum topics and comments start with capital letters now?  

or Is That My Imagination?

Evolution.  :)

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Hi, Floyd.

I hadn't logged in for a few weeks and finally came back for a visit tonight. Upon login, I noticed that my profile picture seemed to somehow had changed into a random loaf of bread. I changed it back to my old picture.

All the other info was still there.

Thought you might want to know:)